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The objectives of the RTAA include:

  • Bringing together specialists concerned with the design, construction, fabrication, operation and maintenance of railway and associated infrastructure
  • Fostering collaboration between railways, suppliers of rail infrastructure, components and equipment; and those providing services in the fields of design, consultancy or contracting
  • Seeking the participation of government departments and authorities, universities, other institutions and research facilities, with the aim of encouraging the optimisation of railway operations, especially in relation to railway infrastructure performance and economics
  • Initiating, sponsoring and/or cooperating with others in research, development and evaluation of railway infrastructure and its components
  • Sponsoring the development of realistic standards in relation to railway infrastructure and the practices employed in construction, operation and maintenance
  • Conducting meetings for the purpose of bringing together entities interested in railway infrastructure and its associated disciplines to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information
  • Disseminating information relating to railway infrastructure through technical and networking events, publications and other forms of media relating to the progress of research, new developments and assistance in the evaluation of performance and economics of railway infrastructure
  • Encouraging activities that will promote the development and improvement of railways and rail infrastructure.

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