About the RTAA

Our History

The RTAA was established in 1973 following the First International Rail Sleeper Conference which was held in Sydney. This conference was the catalyst for the establishment of the RTAA, at that time called the Rail Sleeper Association.

In 1979 the name was changed to the Rail Track and Sleeper Association. Finally, in 1983, the organisation became known as the Rail Track Association Australia.


Between 1973 and 2001, the RTAA organised thirteen highly successful rail conferences at three yearly intervals. These conferences were held in major locations in Australia and New Zealand and were well supported by the rail community. They included guest speakers from Australia and overseas, providing a high standard of technical papers and information.


In 2001, the RTAA took a new direction and secured an agreement with the ARA to join forces in the organisation of AusRAIL.


For the first time, five major industry groups, ARA, RTAA, ARIC, IRSE and RTSA combined to present the highly successful 2003 AusRAIL PLUS Conference in Sydney with over 600 attendees. The RTAA presents quality technical conference papers during the conference.


The RTAA initiated the inaugural RTAA Yellow Tie Dinner in 1981. This tradition has been adopted by AusRAIL and the dinner is held on the second evening of each AusRAIL Plus Conference.


More information on the RTAA’s history can be found below.