About the RTAA

Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017

In 2014, the RTAA developed a strategic plan to provide direction on its activities for the next three years.

The plan included a consultative process with RTAA members to seek their views and priorities.


The following provides a summary of the key strategic priorities and actions of the RTAA for the 2014-17 period.


Priority Key Action

Priority Area 1


Broaden the appeal of rail to women, young people and Indigenous people.

• Identify suitable benchmarks within industry
• Appoint ambassadors to champion key categories
• Work collaboratively with other organisations to reach outside the industry
• Publish rail articles that influence industry and inform the wider community.

Priority Area 2


Be truly national through the Field Days, technical and networking events and other RTAA activities.

• Develop a targeted communication strategy to appeal to all demographics
• Expand networking events
• Hold Field Days event/s in a state other than NSW
• Identify location-based RTAA champions.

Priority Area 3


Promote the establishment of Australian Rail Infrastructure Standards.

• Assist RISSB to develop Australian Rail Infrastructure Standards
• Assist ONRSR by promoting adoption of Industry Standards, Codes of
• Practice guidance • Ensure RTAA has representation on appropriate committees/working groups
• Inform members of RTAA’s work in relation to Rail Infrastructure Standards.

Priority Area 4


Promote “grassroots railway knowledge” retention from our generation to the future generations.

• Host/sponsor a targeted workshop that addresses key knowledge retention
• Provide learning opportunities to “potential rail people”
• Establish an online forum through Linked-In group
• Develop website to appeal to next generation.