RTAA Australasian Rail Diversity Award

About the Award


The RTAA is proud to recognise the outstanding achievements of members in the promotion of diversity and workplace inclusion in rail through the establishment of the Australasian Rail Diversity Award. The Award will be announced at the RTAA’s Yellow Tie Dinner at AusRAIL November 2017.

The Australian rail community continues to suffer from a chronic lack of skills.  It fails to attract new recruits or retain them and it has an ‘over-representation’ of men. In short, the Australian rail workforce is not sustainable, as evidenced by numerous recent (and not-so-recent) research papers and studies.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is one way to redress these issues. Added to this, diverse workforces have been proven to increase business outcomes. Put simply, diversity makes good business sense.

The RTAA recognised and responded to these issues through the development of a Strategic Plan which includes the promotion of diverse workplaces as one of the key priority areas. Priority 1 is to broaden the appeal of rail to women, young people and Indigenous people.

More information on the award is provided below:

  • 2017 Diversity Awards Guidelines 2017 Diversity Awards Guidelines



    Entries must be submitted by 1 September 2017

    Winners will be announced in November 2017 at the Yellow Tie Dinner, AusRAIL 2017


    For more information contact businessmanager@rtaa.org.au


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    The 2017 Judging Panel

    All entries will be judges by an independent panel formed by the RTAA's Management Committee. A Chair will lead the panel which will include representatives from member organisations. Individuals will not be permitted to judge entries from organisations which they are affiliated with or employed.

    2016 Winner: Hilti
    The RTAA were pleased to present the 2016 Australasian Rail Diversity Award to Hilti. The feedback from the judges was outstanding and Hilti had the opportunity to present their diversity programs at the 2017 No Tie Dinner held in Sydney.

    If you would like to find out more about Hilti and what they are doing in the diversity space, please view the below video.