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RTAA will be leading an industry sharing knowledge event “Four Corners” night where 4 esteemed speakers across industry will share their knowledge on Changes & Continuous Improvements in the Rail Industry. The audience will then split into 4 groups for smaller group Q&A’s with each speaker. The night will conclude with plenty of time for Networking.

Date:  2nd September 2019

Time:  5.30pm for a 6.00pm start

Venue:  Engineers Australia, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne 

Cost:  RTAA Members - Free
           RTSA Members - Free
           IRSE Members - Free
           Non-members - $60.00

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Becky Wood photo

They are Lovely Machines... but it's all about the people

Becky Wood, Global Service Leader, Rail& Mass Transit at engineering, design and advisory, Aurecon will be discussing her background in major rail projects and will be discussing how;

  • Geography matters;
  • Beyond the machine and towards business transformation;
  • things can (and do) go wrong... but HOW we handle challenges is what matters;
  • What's next.. some horizon scanning

Becky is responsible for direction and delivery of major projects particularly in Australia,NZ & across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  These include Auckland City Rail Link, Mauritius Metro Express light rail, Melbourne Metro, and several Sydney Metro projects. 

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Greg Cooper, Systems Engineer, Shoal Engineering

Greg is a professional Systems Engineer with qualifications and experience in transport and nuclear systems engineering, in capability definition, assurance planning, systems and safety design and integration. He currently works at Shoal, a specialist systems engineering house .

 Yemi penn photo

Yemi Penn, Engineer, management consultant, business Strategist and executive coach - Changing and techniques in managing stakeholders

As a mindset and transformational coach, Yemi is dedicated to the awakening of the corporate world where she designs and delivers programs that get
leaders acknowledging and working on their blind spots, bringing about happier and efficient teams.

Yemi will look back at how stakeholder management has been done in the last couple of decades, examining the 'shift' that sees masculine and feminine energy playing bigger roles when managing stakeholders, looking at values alignment and thepositive impact that this can have on the overall project.


Kieran Navin, Managing Director of Riddell View Pty Ltd

So what happens, what is happening, when the cornerstone of personal identity meets the gravel crusher of history?  And what are people doing to prepare for a future full of new tomorrows?

Kieran Navin has worked in or around the UK and Australian railways for the past 13 years.Kieran's varied roles have included stints operating tamping fleets, managing welding teams, supporting enormous bids and running small businesses.

He will be discussing how work and identity are inextricably linked.  “So what do you do?” is an almost inevitable question when meeting new people. 

But all that is changing.

It is normal for roles to be born, blossom and fade away as industry evolves.  However the rapid pace of technological change has shrunk this process from decades or centuries down to years.  The steady growth of technologies such as condition monitoring, predictive asset management, mechanised track work, big data and neural networks have been matched with social changes such as freelancing and open online courses.

Come join Kieran Navin as we ask the question “So what will you do?”