The RTAA was established in 1973, following the first International Rail Sleeper Conference which was held in Sydney. The conference was the catalyst for the establishment of the RTAA, at that time called the Rail Sleeper Association.

In 2013 we celebrated our 40th anniversary and, in the following years, we have continued to grow.

Some of our achievements and key players in our history are provided on the timeline below.


2013 5th Field day 

The fifth Field Days event is held. The second member survey is also conducted


2011 Yellow Ties 

The new RTAA website and logo are launched. The fourth Field Days event is held as well as the No Tie Dinner


2010 3rd Field Day

The third RTAA Field Days event is held. The No Tie Dinner is held including the Steve Maxwell wine collection, dedicated to his memory. At the end of this year, the first online member survey is conducted


2009 Strategic Plan

The Executive Committee develop a new Strategic Plan. It is the framework for the RTAA’s current priorities


2008 Frank Franklyn Young Achievement Award

The Frank Franklyn Young Achievement Award is established and is won by Adam Morris. Sadly, Frank, a founding member and later a life member, passed away earlier in this year


2007 2nd Field Day

The second Field Day event is held growing on the success of the first edition in 2006 


2006 Field day Begins

The inaugural Field Day event is held, in partnership with RailCorp, at Clyde Sidings in Sydney


2005 Yellow Ties 

Yellow Ties are distributed for the first time at an AusRAIL Dinner (that is the RTAA’s inaugural No Tie Dinner)


2003 AusRAIL

The first AusRAIL event is held in Sydney


2001 Joining Forces

The RTAA took a new direction and secured an agreement with the ARA to join forces with other national rail associations, (including RTSA, IRSE and ARIC), to host a new rail conference


1997 Passing of Steve Maxwell

Dennis Dobson assumes the Presidency after the passing of Steve Maxwell. Sadly, Steve Maxwell passed away in 1997. An award in his honour is presented by the NSW PWI every year at their annual convention


1996 Track and Signal Magazine

Track and Signal Magazine is established - taking over the work of the RTAA in publishing the successful Rail Track Journal which was published by the Association Between 1979 and 1995


1983 Change to RTAA Name

The Association’s name is changed to the present Rail Track Association of Australia(RTAA)


1977 Rail Track Journal 

The first edition of Rail Track Journal is published by the Association Between 1979 and 1995, the Rail Track Journal was published by the RTAA


1973 The Beginnings

The Rail Sleeper Association was established at the First International Rail Sleeper Conference in Sydney In 1973, Brookes C. Wilson, Managing Director Koppers Australia Pty Ltd, became the first RTAA President (known as the Rail Sleeper Association at this time). He held the position until 1978